LED Campinglampe 3in1 3 W Als Tischleuchte Campingleuchte

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LED Campinglampe 3in1 3 W Als Tischleuchte Campingleuchte

LED Campinglampe 3in1 3 W als Tischleuchte Handleuchte Campingleuchte

If you're thinking about buying a camping lamp, you're in luck. The LED Campinglampe 3in1 3 W is the perfect way to light up your outdoor adventures. This compact lamp has an IP54 rating and a solid stand. It also includes a USB-netzteil and a 1.2-meter lade cable. It offers 12 hours of brightness and up to 24 hours of dimming. It uses a 4.400-mAh Li-ion battery, which offers an extended battery life.

Nuindie Campinglampe 3in1 3 W

The Nuindie Campinglampe 3in1 is a 3W camping lamp that functions as a handlight and a table lamp. Its LED light produces a soft glow and is ideal for outdoor activities. This lightweight lamp has a durable metal body and a waterproof interior.

LED Campinglampe 3in1 3 W als Tischleuchte

LED Campinglampen are a great way to add a little bit of light to your camping trip. These compact lighting units are made from water-resistant plastic and are very light weight. They can even fit in your backpack. They are also suitable for many types of night activities. We've compiled a list of the top LED Campinglampes based on price and availability.

The 3-in-1 Campinglampe from SCHWAIGER is a versatile lighting solution for camping. The lightweight, 176-gram 3W lamp can function as a standalone table lamp, a handlight, or a charging station. It's batterie-operated and stufen dimmable, too, allowing you to easily change from one function to the next.

Lampe de camping 3in1 3 W

The SCHWAIGER(r) 3in1 Campinglampe is a versatile lighting solution that can be used as a hand-held torch, a stand-alone table lamp, or a robust camping light. It features a moveable head and a function switch on the handle for easy operation. Moreover, it is batterie-powered and dimmable.

The LED Campinglampe comes in 3 brightness levels, which are 120, 280, and 260 lumens. It also features an SOS-Mode and a 5-V DC input. Its USB WIEDERAUFLADBAR is environmentally friendly.